Custom Pet Urns Price based on individual needs

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Your pet's final resting place can be where they belong: with the family who loved them and took care of them throughout their life. Kaiko Studios’ custom pet urns are hand crafted in Colorado from American wood that is environmentally friendly from sustainable forests. They feature a photo of your pet imprinted on a glossy ceramic tile, H.D. quality metal using a special process that the photo becomes part of the tile or the H.D. metal, or engraved marble. The photo plaque can be inlaid into the top or side of the surface of your urn.  Your pet’s remains rest under a panel on the bottom of the urn. Laser engraving on the urn for those special words is optional. 

We will guide you in picking out the wood, size, and style, including a keepsake place, for your pet’s final resting place. Your photo for the urn can be from a cell phone, computer or photograph. Cost is based on the individual customization of each Urn.

Please contact me at Kaiko Studios: Don Thompson 720-685-8256 or